When Should You Enter Private Server Hosting Arena?

A private server is a web server that is owned or leased by any individual. These servers need power, Internet and are often very noisy and for the same reason, they are often kept in colocation centers.

The price of getting these private servers rented is almost same as that of virtual private servers, but it’s slightly lesser than that of the dedicated servers. These private servers are often used for gaming needs and they normally re-implement MMORPG game servers.

There are many illegitimate ways in which, people have been using private servers, but if a game is available with open source licensing terms, it becomes completely legal to separately run a server for the same. These servers are also used for development projects… Upon completion of the project, if the traffic is too much, then a private server is very essential.

Though these servers can be multi-purpose and be more efficient than you think, for many projects, they are actually over-skilled and instead of choosing a private server buying some limited services might turn out to be more profitable. Another drawback is that the owner of the private server should be skilled enough to handle security concerns; of course, a separate security audit can also be purchased.

With so many companies offering numerous deals every now and then, it might get tricky for few to zero in on the best private server out there.

When Should You Enter Private Server Hosting Arena?


Here we list out some of the best in business; take a look –

1. Molten: This one comes with consistently available realms that are also lag-free and it’s a professionally developed product. It also boasts of top class security patches and promises top class stability and optimum performance.

2. Feenix: This one is probably one of the best of all and comes with 1 GBPS dual server and i7core processor. Not to mention there are hardly any DC or lag related complains.

3. Gamez ION: It comes with complete 2.7-support and boasts of a round-the-clock dedicated server. It is also considered as the best PvP high rate server… What’s more, it comes with plenty of cool features like free fly, skills, skill auto learn and quests.

4. Aion Age Online V2.7: It comes with awesome PVP, enhanced drops, round the clock customer support and the servers are monitored by skilled professionals who can assist you instantly in case of any problem.

5. Pathos Ragnarok Online: It is a very balanced private server with no extra over ups. It does not boast of very high end features, but solves the limited purposes efficiently. The customer support staff is very friendly and on the whole, it’s a great bargain.

6. ExtaliaMS v1 .06 GMS-Alliance Rising: You get to enjoy competitive rates, Demon slayer, Mercedes and professional round-the-clock support. The server gets regular updates as and when they occur and it is also isolated from their official servers to give you that extra security.

7. Eternion: This is probably the best content server that you could possibly opt for. It is completely customized and you can enjoy more than 20 top class custom instances. It comes with over 6000 different custom items and 3000 different kinds of custom quests.

The above list can definitely help the customers in choosing the best private server for specific needs, but remember the keyword here is “your need”; do not go with something that is just classified as “the best” by others, but is perhaps too good for the services that you need, and you end up heavily without any reason.

As a host, if you want to enter the private server hosting arena, you should analyze these top providers, and ensure that you come up with an enticing plan that can attract the customers and lure them into leasing your private server. But, don’t fancy attracting customers merely by offering low prices, because unlike shared hosting, VPS and private server hosting is a totally different ball game altogether, where the customers are more worried about the quality of service.

Remember, if you’re simply planning to clone their plans, you won’t be able to establish your identity in the hosting market for years to come; and that’s certainly not going to help your business – so dare to think differently, and come out with innovative plans…. Our advice would definitely be pretty straightforward – think of entering the private server hosting market only when you’ve got something fantastic to offer. Furthermore, be prepared to offer managed hosting solutions to your customers, whenever the need arises; needless to say that providing top notch support should be the first thing on your agenda, followed by competitive pricing, and unparalleled safety (comprehensive network security penetration testing would certainly help you out in that regard).

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