Understanding How Private Cloud Computing Can Be Beneficial for Businesses


A private cloud computing platform is nothing but a stack of server, storage hardware and networks that are dedicated to one particular enterprise or business for serving the need of cloud computing. Things become customizable when it comes to managed cloud computing. In this case, the hardware stack gets customized into computing resources cloud and storage resources that can easily be configured as well as re-configured as and when needed. Let us see why re-configuring and configuring the server resources with a private cloud platform so important.

Understanding How Private Cloud Computing Can Be Beneficial for Businesses

No Managed Hosting with Dedicate Server


When you deal with a regular dedicated server stack, whether it is managed by you on your client’s behalf or it is done in-house by your clients, you get to choose storage, server and networking requirements and then you buy them.

With the same configuration, you continue to live for at least three to five years. During this you might consider adding memory, which is not a very complicated job. You might also require upgrading the disk drives, which is comparatively difficult. A time may come where you might need urgent upgrading of CPUs; this could be a very expensive as well difficult job because at the end of the day, it almost like changing the entire server.



We see how seemingly a simple and feasible solution of dedicated server stack can give rise to complications in near future. These are the kinds of issues you don’t have to deal with when you deal with private cloud computing. That being said, this does brings along some complexities that were not present earlier. Few unique abilities are needed for actually benefiting from a private cloud platform.


One thing that private cloud teaches as compared to dedicated cloud platform is that flexibility is very powerful but in order to benefit maximum from it you require complex and sophisticated abilities to dramatically change the configurations and get the maximum benefits of flexibility.


In the world of computing, it is important to keep a close watch on storage, network resources and server. As and when you see a bottleneck with any of them, you should allocate more resources to meet the current requirements. Alongside this it is also equally important to remove the resources not in use currently; if you don’t do those these unused resources sit idle and don’t get used where they are needed. The resource allocation process is definitely very powerful but it doesn’t come for an affordable cost.


Creating a Private Cloud


This is exactly where it is very important to pay maximum attention while designing a private cloud. You need this allocation to happen in an automatic manner and cloud-configuration should happen in real-time. In absolutely no time cloud servers should be turned off when they are needed. This level of flexibility with automation is achieved by private cloud and not dedicated; these are the reasons why businesses should consider investing in private cloud platforms, though not by totally ruling out dedicate hosting from their existing portfolio.

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