Amazon Launches a Managed Caching Service in the Cloud


Businesses and developers finally get what they have been looking for, as the newly launched ElastiCache has got all the solutions to their problems.

Amazon Launches a Managed Caching Service in the Cloud

What is Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon Web Services LLC has launched ElastiCache, which is a new web service that makes it easier to implement, operate and measure an in-memory cache for web based applications running in the AWS cloud.


This new technology solves the big issue of accessing data from a slow hard drive based memory systems. With this new web service, customers can access the data they need, at a much faster speed, from a well managed in-memory caching system in the cloud.


New ElastiCache also works seamlessly with Memcached, which is a widely used memory object caching system.
Now the codes, tools and applications that the developers use, with the help of the present Memcached system, work easily with this service, and hence make the migration process far simpler.

Simplified Management

The management part of the in-cache memory system is also reduced to a great extent, which helps businesses to focus more on the engineering aspect of their process, rather than spending countless number of hours and resources on managing the memory system.


This new web application from Amazon is just the apt one for heavy workload environments like media sharing and gaming site and social networking. It is also a great aid in intensive computing environment such as recommendation engines.

Renders an Additional In-Memory

ElastiCache also helps in adding an in-memory cache to the customer’s application architecture, that too in a matter of few minutes. Customers can launch a Cache Cluster with just few clicks of the AWS Management Console. The Cache Cluster comprise of Cache Nodes, with each of them running Memcached software.

Customers can also measure the amount of memory associated with a Cache Cluster in few moments by deleting or adding Cache Nodes to reach the demands of the dynamic workloads.


The best part is that the Amazon application automatically detects and replaces faulty Cache Nodes, thus offering a combating system that fights against the issue of overloaded databases. These are the main culprits behind slow application load times and slow websites.

ElastiCache & CloudWatch

Amazon ElastiCache integrates with Amazon CloudWatch and offers visibility into key performance metrics that are related to Cache Nodes.


The web application, with the help of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Amazon Relational Database Service, provides an integrated and well structured platform to run full stacks of application in the cloud.


Yet another good part about ElastiCache is that the customers have to pay only for the services that they require, or rather make use of.


Pricing depends on the size of used Cache Nodes, which actually starts at as low as $0.095/hour. So, all segments of users ranging from small businesses down to big corporate can make use of this new service.


At the moment, the service is limited to US East Region, but very soon it’d be available in other AWS regions too.


After a disastrous time full of downtimes due to technical glitches, lightening strike, and much more, Amazon has been trying to find the rhythm back, and the ElastiCache could very well be their trump card in making a strong comeback – not that the Company has lost too much business due to these issues or anything; it’s more about retaining and strengthening their age old rapport of being a reliable cloud hosting provider.


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