Cloud Hosting


What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers plethora of advantages over the conventional reseller and dedicating hosting. Cloud model facilitates great flexibility, and allow you to pay for only what you use.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting
Building Data Center for Cloud Hosting
Amazon EC2 Cloud

EC2 from Amazon in the next level of cloud experience, which allows extremely affordable hosting for individuals, businesses, as well as corporates. Many resellers are using the Amazon EC2 cloud platform to start their web hosting business, and take the benefit of “pay as you go” model.

Cloud Hosting

How Competitive Is Amazon Cloud Computing Pricing?

Amazon S3 Pricing and Comparison With Close Rivals

How to Start Your Hosting Company

You can take advantage of what cloud hosting really offers, and kick-start your own web hosting company without really investing a fortune. But, there are several things one must understand in order to get a head-start, and succeed in the longer run. Here are some aspects to be considered while starting a small hosting business.

Starting a Small Web Hosting Business
Before You Start a Web Hosting Company

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