The Need for CRM Hosting


Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosting offers a strong support tool to strengthen the customer relationship management plan of your business.

What is CRM and Why Do You Need It?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the method that an organization uses, in order to monitor and systematize their communications with the existing and potential customers. The software gives a centralized portal that can be accessed by all the departments in an establishment, to input and systematize customer details.

In simple words, it is software that assists a company in managing contacts with customers. The collected data can be used for research and analysis of the customer relationship, and help a great deal in improving the business. A lot can be learned from the mistakes, and it’s possible to devise a solid business plan by studying the CRM reports.

What does CRM Hosting Manage?

CRM hosting includes management of relationships that are vital for your business – partners, suppliers, employees, vendors, and even distributors. CRM can be personalized easily for all these requirements, and improve the value of all relationships, enhance business significance and drive functional excellence too. It can enhance business insights, irrespective of what your company does, be it software development, training, hosting or consulting; you will be placed distinctively to influence the cost-saving profits of on-premises and cloud-based deployment models.

The Need for CRM Hosting

System Requirements for MS Dynamics CRM 2021

The Operating System requirements for leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2021 in their IT infrastructure are Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008, in addition to the availability of Word 2007, Word 2010 or any other compatible reader. CRM amalgamates with the MS-Office programs including Internet Explorer and Outlook to provide a strong customer relationship management tool to quickly increase sales, improve your marketing efforts, and customer service relations.

Popular CRM Programs

Listed here are some popular CRM software programs:

1. vtiger Hosting: This is an open source and free software solution for customer relationship management. It is a highly versatile program that can be personalized to meet the specific needs of an organization through the several configuration options provided in the program. Its capabilities include inventory management, sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service, and much more.

2. SugarCRM Hosting: This open source program assists your organization to track all customer contacts and concentrate on the market segments that yield maximum profit, thus increasing sales. It will also assist in automating marketing campaigns and increasing customer support to generate useful reports.

3. CiviCRM Hosting: This freeware integrates into Drupal and Joomla directly. It is designed especially for non-government, advocacy, and non-profit organizations. It is packed with resources that can be used by organizations to keep a track of all connections made by them with their constituents.

CRM hosting is vital for all businesses that wish to concentrate on the most lucrative market sectors, and are keen on knowing more about their customers. It is the most preferred choice amongst large communities, and webmasters that maintain portals as well as user groups.

Sure thing, the demand isn’t as high as what you see in shared hosting, VPS, and even managed hosting segments, but you can get bulk orders from just couple of big clients.

As a host, if you’ve never thought about offering CRM hosting to your customers, then you’re definitely missing out on something really big. There is a massive customer-base in the market that is looking out for CRM hosting,and e-mail hosting at the moment, and you can easily grab plenty of new customers by including CRM hosting in your portfolio too.

You may even want to consider niche segments in the hosting market such as file hosting, VM hosting, and Green hosting to make your presence felt. If you try your luck with shared hosting, or by simply reselling hosting space, then the chances are high that you’d never make it big in this competitive market!


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