Benefits of Cloud Website Hosting


Cloud web hosting is no more considered as a futuristic technology, as it is now becoming a very serious alternative to conventional servers and turning out to be a really cost effective storage solution, which is not just flexible, and reliable, but also scalable at the same time!

It is being predicted that by the end of 2021, almost 80% of Fortune 1000 companies would have moved to cloud hosting, and around 30% will buy their own cloud computing infrastructure. While there are issues like privacy concerns with the technology, there are a large number of benefits of cloud website hosting that is converting the critics into enthusiasts at a fast rate.

Here we mention some of the most important benefits of cloud hosting –


Cloud hosting is capable of handling immense server load effortlessly…

This is achieved with the help of additional updates, adding hardware and use of technologies related to load balancing. There is no worry of website going down due to a particular server crash, which was hosting your website, as there always are other servers picking the slack at the right time. It means that a website hosted on cloud infrastructure has very rare chances of crashing out.

Easy Management:

Cloud hosting makes use of centralized management of network services and servers, which make things very easy to manage and ensure impeccable operation without compromising on the quality.

Pay for What You Use:

Cloud hosting services are billed just like an electric meter, which means you pay for what you use and nothing is spent towards any sort of monthly rentals; this is probably the biggest advantage of cloud hosting. With the help of this technology, the websites that see variable traffic no longer need to cough out cash on dedicated resources like high bandwidth and server space.
In this system, you get billed for the amount of traffic you receive, and amount of resources you use rather than a very high predefined limit.

Benefits of Cloud Website Hosting

Customizable Storage and Size:

As there’s a vast network of servers, the user can have almost infinite hosting solutions whenever the need arises… In other words, you can create servers with as much capacity as you want; these can also be accessed through online control panels, for example API services.

Easy Deployment:

Deploying cloud hosting solutions is like a cake-walk, and it can be done at a fraction of the cost that you’d shell out on an identical on-premise hosting solution. You don’t need anything like hardware, implementation or software licensing. To top it all, you do this in a record time that can not beaten by any other kind of hosting solutions.

Improved Efficiency:

Use of virtual pooling of available resources makes the entire system very efficient and performance of individual resources like software, servers and networks also add up to the performance.

Internal Resources are Freed Up:

By outsourcing the server and storage needs to a third party, which offer cloud hosting, a company can free-up the internal resources and reduce their burden. This way, it can make use of the resources in a more efficient manner for its core operations without worrying about storage and servers.

Round-the-Clock Support:

Just as in case of other conventional forms of hosting, cloud website hosting providers also offer 24×7 customer support, which is extremely important in this type of service.

Prospects for Cloud Hosts

So, what does all of this mean to a cloud hosting provider? Well, it simply means that there benefits of cloud website hosting aren’t unknown to your potential customers anymore, and you won’t have to convince your customers to opt for cloud hosting. Therefore, this is just the right time to enter the cloud market if you’ve any plans of doing so over the next few months, or even perhaps a year or two!

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