7 Remarkable Cloud Initiatives to Watch Out for in 2021


Cloud indeed continues to be the buzzword, and despite having covered latest buzz about Cloud Hosting in 2021, I’m covering another post yet again, to throw some light on 7 remarkable cloud initiatives that one must keep an eye on.


With the mounting uses and lots of investment being made, the sector of the cloud technology is likely to continue growing even more. As this sector progresses, it would continue to adapt to changes. The cloud technology modifies as frequently as the cloud formations floating over your head with every innovation possessing the ability to alter the way in which we live our daily lives. Here’s a quick rundown of the most vital reports in what was debatably the biggest year yet, for the cloud industry as a whole.


7 Remarkable Cloud Initiatives to Watch Out for in 2021

Microsoft’s Unlimited Storage on the Cloud


Exploiting cloud’s ability to eradicate the need of storing anything on a conventional drive, Microsoft went a step ahead, announcing that the users of Office 365 could avail unlimited cloud storage. Microsoft’s OneDrive service works similar to Google Drive, while the key differentiating point is the former’s unlimited storage feature.


Salesforce. com Shifts Its Cloud Strategy to Healthcare

Salesforce. com, one of the pioneers in the cloud technology, in a joint venture with Philips, the electronics maker launched a healthcare platform based on the cloud. Devised for healthcare software developers, medical device producers, insurance companies, and healthcare providers, the main focus of the venture was to assist in using technology for managing chronic disorders.


Genetics Shift to the Cloud


With the entry of scientific research into the cloud, it seems to be all set to remain there. In March, the estimations to comprehend genomic sequencing shifted to the cloud, with the IBM Watson Group and the New York Genome Center proclaiming their partnership.

Google went a step ahead, introducing a service called Google Genomics, which lets you store your genome on cloud for a particular price.


Google’s Docker


Google had announced that it was significantly weighing a new open-source cloud tech known as Docker, which serves like a shipping vessel for shifting software from one machine to other online.


Internet of Things Turns Out to Be the Next Battlefield for the Cloud


In cloud technology, the forthcoming big thing is the Internet of Things (IoT). This spins round enhanced machine-to-machine communication. By linking sensors to machines, the goal is to collect lots of data and the key to make this work out is the cloud technology. So, cloud providers are trying to be the ones that will store that information, changing IoT into a promising upcoming big war field with massive potential.


The Struggle to Rule the Cloud World Continues


The struggle among the cloud providers to rule the world of this technology continues as is the case with any other new technology. Till now, Amazon, the retail giant has been leading the arena, with Google not too far behind, but we’re yet to witness a new revolution.


Cloud Implementation and Investment Continues


In a recent research work published from IDG in Forbes, it was showed that there was an increase in adoption and investment in cloud technology. As of now, almost 69-percent of organizations make use of cloud and statistics are still continuing to grow.


The cloud technology has an effect on almost all areas of our lives. With investment pouring in, this can only get even bigger! In spite of some uncertainties, 2021 seems to be an interesting year ahead for the cloud industry.

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