The Image Makeover of AWS in Web Hosting Industry


Cloud leaders like AWS have changing perceptions about their offerings round the year but the overall image of the company is now surely drifting towards something different. There is no doubt that web hosting companies look up to big players like AWS as they have many successful business stories to share with the world.


Companies like Amazon truly understand their market and believe in supporting their customers well. A huge part of the web hosting industry surprisingly overlooks the how big vendors like AWS have been rising; this is mainly because of the misunderstandings or outdated perceptions.

The Image Makeover of AWS in Web Hosting Industry

During a couple of years ago, most of the players in web hosting industry were dismissing AWS in a big way and it is quite amusing to see their perception today.


Opinions have changed and so has the mindset. When it comes to IaaS (infrastructure as a service), AWS accounts for 37% of net $9 billion of the market today, as per the latest figures recorded during the year 2013. While IaaS market is growing very quickly at the rate of 45%, AWS has an even bigger growth rate of 60%. As per one of the reports, the computational capacity of AWS today is 5 times more than its other fourteen competitors put together.


The most intriguing question and an obvious one is despite clearly being the industry leader why is AWS not being accepted by even more number of customers in the industry. As per one of the recent surveys 34% of the respondents stated that they would not like to deal with Amazon, while another very interesting part of the survey was the fact that 18% of the industry users also indicated that they would be adopting AWS going forth. This is very interesting as it clearly shows a strong growing belief that industry will be starting to incorporate AWS in their upcoming offerings.


And, it clearly indicates that AWS is here to stay for quite some time to come.


The largest group is of 38% and it adds different sections altogether. There are issues like present technical skills that make for 14% and inability to monetize that makes for 16%. Then there is perception that AWS is very difficult to work along with; these make for 8%. The ones to notice here the most are the business models and technical skills. Today the industry is coming up with tools that are assisting Managed Service Providers. Along with this better knowledge is becoming available for better monetizing of cloud opportunities. On the whole, it is quite evident that AWS, which an underdog a couple of years ago, has emerged out at the IaaS market leader today.

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