Reasons to Invest on Dedicated IP Hosting


Dedicated IP hosting, often referred to as static web hosting is in high demand these days, and if you’re not providing the dedicated IP hosting services to your customers, you may be missing out on a good chunk of potential customers. If this term doesn’t ring a bell in your ears, don’t worry; learn more about this type of web hosting service in the following sections.

What is Dedicated IP Hosting?

A dedicated IP hosting gives a unique IP address for individual server domain or space, implying only your site is the only one that resides on the server. Thus, you are not sharing the IP address with any other site.

Such a hosting plan can make your site more independent when compared to other sites on the same server; it also gets better search engine rankings in sites like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. You can further improve the site’s security by adding a SSL certificate.
Dedicated IP Hosting and Search Engine Rankings
So you ask – is it better to have a shared IP or dedicated IP address for hosting your website? Well, there has been a debate in this regard for quite some time in the SEO industry.

Some SEO experts believe that acquiring a static IP address will not help in any way in enhancing the performance and ranking of your site, while some others are under the impression that choosing a dedicated IP address will help in improving the ranking, though to a very small extent; they think the search engines consider the IP address as a factor for deciding the ranking. Few others consider that sharing the IP address with known adult or spam sites will raise a warning flag in the eyes of search engines, which may in-turn, lead to banning the complete IP address from its index.

In case of shared hosting service, if a particular site gets banned by search engine, then all the other domains in the web hosting server with the same IP address may also get banned. This problem can be overcome by opting for dedicated web hosting , wherein the site will have its own IP address. And, this is precisely the reason why even the mid-size enterprises are looking for dedicated cloud hosting services to simply host their corporate website despite the fact that the requirements of their website aren’t too extraneous.

Reasons to Invest on Dedicated IP Hosting

Advantages of Using Dedicated IP Hosting

The most significant advantage of using a static IP hosting is that it offers greater levels of flexibility, while also permitting complex hosting. This is in turn beneficial due to the fact that it includes a private SSL certificate along with an anonymous FTP access provision, allowing individuals to share info online in a secured manner.

By using a dedicated web hosting service and unique IP address, it becomes easy for business owners to exercise full control over their website… This in turn results in good search engine rankings too.

In case of shared hosting service, if a particular site gets banned in search engines, then all the other domains in the web hosting server with the same IP address have high chances of getting banned too, especially if they’re inter-connected in some way (like common ownership in WHOIS database). This problem can be overcome by dedicated web hosting, wherein the site will have its own IP address.

Dedicated IP Hosting is Best Suitable for…?

Dedicated IP hosting is best suited for e-commerce or large business websites that need sound assurance of top notch security. It is also ideal for people who want to buy unique IP addresses at a premium price. Some business owners may want to choose this route since it will stop the site from collecting spam, an issue that occurs while using a shared site.
This doesn’t really mean that you are on the danger end, if your website is currently hosted on shared IP address. Dedicated IP hosting is usually essential when you require some kind of special access to your site like Anonymous FTP or SSL.

However, when it comes to providing dedicated IP hosting services, you must be extremely careful in preventing hacking attacks, and any kind of extensive attack from spam bots, as it may lead to ugly complications, and your customers wouldn’t be really happy about it, even after paying heavily for using a dedicated IP hosting service.

It’s noteworthy that a few reseller hosting providers also offer dedicated IP hosting, but there aren’t too many providers out there in the market. Hence, if you haven’t been offering this service to your customers, it’s about time you made a quick move, to attract more potential customers in the new year!

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