How to Make a Gmod Dedicated Server?

Gmod dedicated server hosting is one of the niche hosting markets that not too many hosting firms really try to explore. For those who haven’t heard too much about it, let’s get to the basics, try to understand what a Gmod server is, and how to set it up.

What is Gmod Server

Garry’s Mod server or Gmod server as it is popularly called, is a very famous add-on to the Half-Life game that allows users to play with the game’s physics engine. It can control the way in which the items and characters interact. Since this game is a hot favorite among video game players, it has become common for the players to set up their own servers for hosting the game.

In other words, it can be said that Gmod server is the alteration of the first-person shooter game that allows the gamers to control objects and experiment with physics to obtain interesting results. This kind of server is also regarded as a physics sandbox, which does not provide any predefined aims, while also giving you all the tools needed to play. It is especially tailored for this type of game, providing the ability to plan your own distinctive game modes.

Hosting such a server makes it easier to produce objects and put them together to form your own contraptions, while overlooking hassles like suspension and server overloading. This way, you are provided with the tools and left to yourself to create objects and destroy them on demand.

How to Make a Gmod Dedicated Server?

Gmod Dedicated Server Setup

Here’s step-by-step procedure for setting up Gmod dedicated server –

• Before starting, you’ll have to download HLDS update tool. For this, log on to store(.)steampowered(.)com/about and navigate to the bottom of this page, where you’ll find an option to download the tool. Click on the option to download it and then open it to install it on your PC.

• Now go to command prompt and type- cd c:/srcds to move to the folder where the HLDS update got installed.

• Type in hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game garrysmod –dir. In the same window. This will let you to update Gary’s Mod version on your PC.

• After completing the update, you’ll have to create a batch file to be used by Gmod to handle the server settings. To perform this, open notepad or any other text editor and type in the following:

srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod -port 27015 +maxplayers 6 +map gm_construct +sv_gamemode sandbox +sv_defaultgamemode sandbox

After typing, choose File > Save As and select ‘All Files’ in the file type box.

Type ‘startserver.bat’ under the file name. Ensure to add .bat since the game will not recognize without this extension. Open the install folder and save this file under a directory named “orangebox”.

• After saving the file, you are all set to start Gary’s Mod game. Now start the game and look in your server list. Ensure to set a server name so that you can identify it from the list of Internet servers.

However, not too many gamers are technically sound to follow these instructions, and hate to take up the pain of doing things on their own. They usually look for Gmod dedicated server hosting from a reputed firm that takes complete care of set-up and maintenance.


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