How does Hyper V VPS Hosting Compare with Virtuozzo

HyperV from Microsoft is a new virtualization platform used by many hosting providers across the globe. The specialty of this platform is that it allows you to run multiple Operating Systems at the same time that run on top of the main host OS. The company created HyperV for offering virtualization on Windows Operating System, and creating VPS. It is the isolation of different virtual servers in the sense of partition, which serves as the basic concept behind this technology. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Insight into Virtuozzo

There is a competing technology in the server and hosting market called Virtuozzo, which is nothing but an operating system level technology for virtualization. It virtualizes OS and not the hardware, which in turn makes it suitable for establishments like data centers or large scale server environments. This third party application is developed by Parallels Inc. It operates in a user space, which is a mix of user and kernel.

Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both these contenders to obtain a better understanding of they fare against one another.

Advantages of HyperV

One of the biggest advantages of HyperV technology is dedicated RAM that it offers, for all its child nodes, which in turn, helps in improving the overall performance. The flexibility to use any type of OS is yet another edge that it has, over other similar technologies. Almost any OS, be it Linux or Windows, can be installed and run in a jiffy on HyperV. There is room to update your OS and install different security patches whenever you want, without conflicting with any other VPS within the same network.

Lack of an audio hardware in VPS is a big drawback, something that should be incorporated in coming days. No USB support further limits its functionality as HyperV doesn’t provide any facility for COM ports or Virtual USB accessing.

Adding to the list of shortcomings is lack of optical drives pass-through as HyperV doesn’t permit any facility for working with optical drives of parent nodes.

How does Hyper V VPS Hosting Compare with Virtuozzo

Advantages of Virtuozzo

Hosting providers get the same freedom to run any OS like they get with HyperV, which also brings at par with Hyperv. Virtuozzo Power Panel is a special feature, its own web-based GUI, which makes it easy for the users to manage and handle servers sans complex commands. Users also get to enjoy easy restoration process, thanks to an interface that is simpler to use and understand compared to the one offered in HyperV.


On the downside, Virtuozzo comes with shared RAM and this is why these VPSs don’t perform well at times, as they are directly dependent on virtual RAM. Customized setups like VPN can’t be used with Virtuozzo without any dedicated support. Sharing of resources is one of the characteristics of these VPSs that often slow them down. At any given time, a user uses different resources like RAM or CPU, even if each of the servers come with similar resources.

Having seen the pros and cons of Hyper-V VPS Hosting and Virtuozzo, you must now be in a fair position to weight your options, and choose the one that makes more sense to your hosting business, in your own.

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