Cloud Strategies to Adopt While Integrating Cloud in IT Infrastructure


Today, any discussion about modern technology would be incomplete without the mention of the term cloud, more often more than once. Every IT professional today does have a basic understanding of cloud but they don’t usually know the starting point. This often happens when senior management of an organization pushes for more solutions based on cloud but don’t have any specific requirements in their agenda. This is where cloud providers can come into the picture and educate them along with providing the needed infrastructure.


There is no denying the fact that current cloud solutions are easily the most mature offerings out there, even though it is not very clear as to where exactly does cloud computing rank in the whole product life cycle.

Cloud Strategies to Adopt While Integrating Cloud in IT Infrastructure

They are always seamless to integrate, full of tools and features, and deliver great value. Mentioned below are 5 strategies that an organization should adopt either on their own or with help of a cloud provider like you while they integrate cloud in their IT infrastructure.


Email- For minimum cost, today organizations are in a position to offer access to the staffers to many new features without any extensions of costs for maintaining and supporting an email application. An example would be an employee accessing their email from any end through any device without the need of more infrastructures. This may be small but is certainly a very powerful addition to any organization’s workforce.


Security- It has been more than 13 years since we have had email security solutions that are cloud based, while more than 70% of this category is today delivered by different cloud based providers or vendors. McAfee’s Email Protection is the perfect example, which gives the customers the much needed peace of mind from one of industry-leading security solution and it is also totally supported by CDW badged engineers.


Backup- It is crucial to implement a recovery and backup plan as one never knows when the disaster would strike. In smaller organizations where there are budget constraints, the companies also at times tend to bend the rules a bit. The fact it, a company’s data is irreplaceable and for a small cost it be easily backed up with a trusted cloud provider. Many of the backup providers also have data encryption policy, which keeps data safe from any kind of thefts, and security threats.


Office Productivity- Many small companies are often one or two versions behind when it comes to updating their software packages and this is because of the high software costs. In such organizations are often overwhelmed, light and function on a very tight budget. Cloud solutions by Microsoft, Google, IBM offer many solutions for budget conscious companies. These solutions give the companies many new features and added functionality without any additional expenses.


Web Conferencing- Whether one believes or not, web conferencing was always a cloud solution right from the age of its very inception. This is the reason it took years for it to get perfected. As today we have high-speed bandwidth at affordable prices, more number of conferencing functionality and features can be very easily supported.

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