Cloud based Disaster Recovery Systems are Becoming a Rage Now

Disaster recovery is mission critical for many businesses, if not all of them. Post a service interruption getting data and systems back online is extremely crucial and that too within a short span of time. As per research around 20% of businesses around the globe experience failure due to flood, natural disaster, power outage or fire in any given year and 80% of these businesses will go down within just more than one year.


Although it can be debatable when it comes to statistics it is simple common sense that if IT systems are periodically not restored then it is very possible that at times, in case of an emergency, the company may face an unexpected data loss. And, losing such valuable data can be a nightmare, because not only in the wrong hands can be it fatal, but also due to the potential issues it can create in your business.Let us see how cloud can change the whole disaster recovery ballgame altogether. Many companies that have proactively helped their clients with data recovery leveraging cloud say that they go for consultative, integrator approach.

Cloud based Disaster Recovery Systems are Becoming a Rage Now

These providers leverage the data center assets that they have along with different assets and skill sets that clients have. With the help of all resources they develop a disaster recovery plan. We can’t overlook the fact that cloud has created a huge difference when it comes to recovery from different outages. Thanks to cloud, data recovery has become much easier and not long and laborious, unlike the good old days. There is no more need of those annoying backup tapes and shipping around the country. Things have changed big time. Of course, not every business is cloud-enabled today, but many of them have leveraged virtualization.


This means that any business that is making use of virtualization is capable of utilizing disaster recovery strategies for using cloud-based services.Smart data providers believe in making the most of client resources as many big enterprises, today, have been taking big steps towards virtualization for getting more out of their footprint, and getting computing and power compared to what they have today. This virtualization is something that can be leveraged by the cloud provider. With the help of this, within a matter of one hour, directly everything can be up and running.


Of course, during a disaster, business are not in a mood to spend more but the fact is negotiation has to happen prior to a disaster, not post it. An effective disaster recovery plan that is worked out ahead of time always helps in outlining customer services and related costs. The biggest advantage is that cloud helps in maximum utilization of cloud resources in the most efficient manner. This, in turn, helps in using more but not getting billed more.

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